1.Solar Panel:2V/220MA monocrystalline

2.Storage:1.2V/1200MAH Hi-temperature Ni-mh Battery

3.Lighting Time:100h after fully charged

4.Work Mode:Flashed for 90times per minute or Stable

5.LED Color:Red,Yellow,Blue,Green,White

6.LED Qty:8PCS Diameter 5mm High Brightness LED

7.Visual Distance :>1000meters

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1.Special Features:

● Underground solar road studs
● High-temperature resistance battery and circuit,can be used on the equator
● 10MM thickness PC cover and fully epoxy glue inside,weight resistance in static more than 38tons
● Diam 10mm high brightness LED,Visual Distance more than 1000meters
● Protect Level IP68,Plastic waterproof circle and silicon glue for waterproof
● Silver coating aluminum casing and nice design

2.Technical Specification

Model CS-SR-816 Solar Panel 2.5V/220MA mono-crystalline
Storage Components 1.2V/1200MAH High temperature NI-MH Battery Lighting Time 100h after fully charged
Work mode Flashed for 120times per minute or Stable LED Color Red,Yellow,Blue,Green,White
LED Qty 8PCS Diameter 10mm High Brightness LED Visual Distance >1000meters
Life Span 3-5Years Work Temperature -20℃~+80℃
Protect Level IP68,Can work under water Material Anti-UV PC+silver coating Aluminum casing
Weight 800g Weight Resistance in static >38 Tons
Products Size Diamter 120mm,Height 50mm Package Carton size 40*28*25.5CM,24pcs per carton

3.Installation Procedure

● Close the road
● Check if the solar stud charges and discharges normally
● Identify the place for installation
● Dig the hole for solar road studs
● Inject the epoxy glue into the hole and place the solar road studs into the hole
● Fix the wing with screws to ensure the solar road studs and the ground in the same level
● Wait 8 hours for glue drying before open the road



6.Package and Delivery



  • Traffic Signal Light


  • Traffic Signal Light


  • CS-SR-823

    137mm diameter 6 LED buried solar LED road stud

  • CS-SR-817

    120mm diameter 6 LED buried solar LED road stud

  • CS-SR-816

    120mm diameter 8 LED buried solar LED road stud

  • CS-SR-804D-1

    A LED solar road stud with a cast aluminum shell and built-in hi-temperature ni-mh battery.

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