Solar underground light

Solar underground light

Special Features:

●  Underground solar road studs

●  High-temperature resistance battery and circuit,can be used on the equator

●  15MM thickness PC cover and fully epoxy glue inside,weight resistance in static more than 742.7KN

●  Can install in the centre line of the road

●  Diam 5mm high brightness LED,Visual Distance more than 1000meters

●  Can double sides and 4 sides visible

●  Protect Level IP68

●  Silver aluminum coating mounting case and nice design

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Technical Specification:

Solar Panel 2.5V/220MA mono-crystalline
Storage Components 1.2V/1200MAH high temperature ni-mh battery
Lighting Time 100h after fully charged
Work Mode flashed for 120times per minute or stable
Led Color red, yellow, blue, green, white
Led Qty 6pcs led for double side and 6pcs or 8pcs led for 4 sides
Visual Distance >1000 meters
Lifespan 3-5 years
Work Temperature -20 degrees centigrade ~+80 degrees centigrade
Protect Level IP68, can work underwater
Material Anti-UV PC+silver aluminum coating mounting case
Weight 800g
Weight Resistance in Static >74.27 Tons
Product Size Diameter 120mm, Height 50mm
Package carton size 40*28*25.5cm, 24pcs per carton

Size Drawing:

Installation Procedure:

●  Close the road

●  Check if the solar stud charges and discharges normally

●  Identify the place for installation

●  Dig the hole for solar road studs

●  Inject the epoxy glue into the hole and place the solar road studs into the hole

●  Fix the wing with screws to ensure the solar road studs and the ground in the same level

●  Wait 8 hours for glue drying before open the road

Application Diagram:



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