Solar Signs

Solar Signs

Place of Origin:Guangdong, China(Mainland)

Brand Name:CadSolar



Solar Panel:12V 5W/12V 3.5W monocrystalline silicon

Battery:7.4V 7AH/7.4V 5AH anti high temperature Li-ion battery


Material:Aluminum board+high quality 3M reflector sheeting

Work Mode:flash for 90 times/min or steady;

Lighting Mode:lighting for 24h or 12h or luminous controlled


Work Temperature:-20 to +80 degree centigrade

Lifetime:7-10years; solar panel:12-15years

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Product Description:

1.1 Different View

1.2 Conponent View:

1.3 Certification

Installation Manual:

1)Make sure the place and the pole you are ready to install the traffic sign

2)Clean the pole surface and the conponenets

3)Determine the right highth for installation

4)Use the screws and nuts to tighten the traffic sign on the pole

5)Check if the traffic sign fixed firmly or not

6)If it is fixed loosely,you need to tighten the screws until it is fixed firmly

7)Keep the solar panel be toward to the sun so that it can charge efficiently.


Solar traffic no parking signs, used to indicate the vehicle drivers do not park vechiles along the roadway where vechiles are not permitted to park. They are installed on highway trunk roads, gates' front, fire passages, entrance of parking lots, bus stations, gas stations, dangerous secions, and outdoor of schools/hospitals, etc.

*Highway Trunk Roads

*Outdoor Of Gates

*Fire Passages

*Dangerous Sections

*Bus Station

*Gas Station

*Entrance OF Parking Lots



  • CS-SR-804D1

    1.Solar Panel:2V/100MA monocrystalline

  • GPS timing synchronized flashing LED solar road stud

    GPS timing synchronized flashing LED solar road stud

  • CS-SR-820

    Reflexible solar Panel and bigger power solar panel, High-temperature resistance battery and circuit,can be used on the equator 5mm thickness PC cover and thicker aluminum case,the weight resistance in static more than 30tons.

  • led traffic sign

    Anti Strong Wind led Flashing STOP Mark Traffic Sign

  • Solar underground light

  • Traffic Signal Light


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