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1.Picture of Products:

2.Brief introduction:

Solar LED warning light are used for safety warning. So they are mainly installed in those dangerous roads or bridges with potential safety hazard, such as ramp, school gates, diverted traffic,road corners,pedestrian ways,etc. Also those mountain roads that with thick fog or low visibility are in very needing of them to remind the drivers to be careful.
The solar led warning light, which uses the solar panel to charge the lead-acid battery, needs no more external power source to support its working. What’s more, We use the high quality and super luminance LED from Taiwan . As used the high performance micro-computer controller to control the flashing patterns and protection of battery charging and discharging, the solar led warning light performs smoothly and steady. Even used in cloudy and rainy days, they still can work more than 6 days thoroughly(24hours working modes). This newly developed product features a longer lifespan, energy-saving, safety and steady performance, etc.

3.Special Features:

1).Easy Installation: Needing no more external power supply and install circuit on the road.
2).Energy Saving: Low power consumption,and low cost with solar panel supply power.
3).Environmental protection: Containing no hazardous substance and emitting no pollution.
4).High Luminance: LED with Taiwan-produced wafer chip, providing a high luminance and slow light attenuation.
5).Stable Performance: With PIC series single chip micro-computer, protecting the circuit as well as stable function.
6).Long lifespan: LED lights can work more than 100,000 hours,and the solar panel can perform more than 25 years.
7).Firmly and Durable:With a die-casting mold , the PC shell can resist heavy compression, recession, and corrosion. And the solar panel is covered with tempered glass, and fixed by Aluminum frame.
8).Long time working: It can work continually more than 150 hours(surpass 6 days) in cloudy and rainy days after fully charged.

4.Technical Specification

Shell material: Aluminum Case with Poly carbonate cover
LED No. 20pcs led per light unit
LED wavelength 625±5 nm ,Blue color:460±5 nm Led luminance >8000 mcd
LED lifespan ≥10,0000 hours Working mode 24 hours continuous working or light-sensor control
Flashing frequency 50times/minute, accept special requirements Visibility ≥1000 m
Battery type: 12V / 7AH Lead-acid battery Solar panel type 18V/12W, mono-crystalline silicon solar cell, lifespan more than 25 years
Working temperature -20℃ ~ 70℃ Working hours can working continuously more than 150 hours(exceed 6days) in cloudy and rainy days
Wind load resistance ≥1.5KN/㎡ Product size 530*165*135mm
Net weight 10Kg Gross weight 12Kg

5.Size Drawing

6.Details photos



9.Installation Drawing

10.Package and Delivery


  • CS-SR-804D1

    1.Solar Panel:2V/100MA monocrystalline

  • GPS timing synchronized flashing LED solar road stud

    GPS timing synchronized flashing LED solar road stud

  • CS-SR-820

    Reflexible solar Panel and bigger power solar panel, High-temperature resistance battery and circuit,can be used on the equator 5mm thickness PC cover and thicker aluminum case,the weight resistance in static more than 30tons.

  • led traffic sign

    Anti Strong Wind led Flashing STOP Mark Traffic Sign

  • Solar underground light

  • Traffic Signal Light


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